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Day Game, Night Game, Online Game. What’s better?

June 9, 2016 PUAabroad 0

There are three main types of playing field the modern day player may find himself diving into when on the hunt for women. Each area […]


The Minimalist Player

April 28, 2016 PUAabroad 1

  I stumbled upon the idea of minimalist living around 5 years ago now and have been hooked on the idea ever since. I believe it fits in […]

bad fats

Bad Fats

March 20, 2016 PUAabroad 0

Bad Fats-Trans fat & Saturated fat in large amounts It’s pretty universally accepted in nutrition and health circles that saturated and trans fats are bad […]

Making Money Abroad

January 13, 2016 PUAabroad 8

How expats and long-term travellers make their money is always a hot topic of conversation. I wanted to share with you some of the best […]

burj al arab

10 Days in Dubai

December 31, 2015 PUAabroad 0

  City of extravagance, excess and wealth. A place were people come to party hard, albeit under strict Islamic Laws that do not allow public […]