Testosterone & Steroids in Vietnam

I recently wrote about where best to obtain gym supplements in Vietnam before and should probably update this article as the gym scene has exploded here.

testosterone vietnam

There are plenty of gyms to be found in Saigon at a reasonable price with good equipment and that are reasonably clean. There’s no need to pay more than 500k dong (around $20) a month for a good gym here that will have a good selection of free weights and cardio machines.

If you’re into MMA or crossfit then there’s more expensive places life UFC and California Fitness that offer a boxing ring and training sessions, but for the average weight lifter or bodybuilder there’s plenty of cheaper options.

You’ll notice a lot of ‘hench’ Viet guys (and foreigners) in some of the gyms in Saigon. I’ve noticed this more recently as the country gets more western and disposable income increases.

If you take testosterone for medical reasons such as low T, then it’s relatively easy to get a prescription for that alongside the ancillary drugs such as nolvadex and arimidex. However if you’re looking to do a steroid cycle in Vietnam off the books then it’s a little more tricky and certainly not as easy as Thailand when it comes to obtaining anabolics.

testosterone in vietnam

Now I don’t do any gear myself, but have been a gym addict and have been around people who do all my life and am a scientist by trade, so am fairly clued up on testosterone and related drugs for gaining mass. Like many countries in SEA, most medicines can be bought over the counter without prescription. I don’t want to write about how to use these drugs as there’s enough information out there already. The purpose of this article is not to explain what these drugs do, just to let people know what is generally available here and the prices you might expect to pay.

Testosterone in Ho Chi Minh

If you’re looking to boost your t levels, are a hardcore bodybuilder or are just curious as to what’s available here then keep reading.

At time of writing the only pharmaceutical grade testosterone available in Vietnam is Sustanon by Organon and Tesmon Testosterone Propionate. The sustanon retails at around 160k ($8) for a 1ml amp (250mg) with the Tesmon at about 100k ($5) for a 50mg 2ml amp.

The Tesmon is no good for bodybuilders as the dose is too low per shot. These can be found in a few select pharmacies but you will have to search around.

I believe sustanon is not the best testosterone to use however due to the long half-life of the esters, and if possible a shorter acting test such as enanthate or cypionate is preferable. You may also be able to buy this online, however I don’t know anyone who’s tried ordering it.

For some background information, this guy talks with some authority on everything test related and it’s definitely worth viewing some of his videos if you’re considering going on a cycle.

Nolvadex (an SERM anti-oestrogen medication) is easily available at many pharmacies at around 200k ($10) for a box of 30. This is typically used to help prevent gyno on cycle or to help restore testicular function after a cycle of steroids during PCT (post cycle therapy.)

To control oestrogen conversion during a cycle most people now use an anti-oestrogen drug such as Arimidex or Anatrozole. This prevents your body converting the excess testosterone into oestrogen which can cause all sorts of issues. Now this is expensive at about 1.2 million dong for 30 tablets, however the dose is normally low so one box may last you for a typical 10 week steroid cycle. HCG is also available at around 700k for 3 x 5k IU vials at many pharmacies, especially ones near maternity hospitals. This is used to help restore testicular function after a cycle but usually to keep the testicles working during a cycle and prevent ‘shutdown’ of your bodies natural production of t.

You will also see various ads on Facebook for underground labs, and there is one supplier in Hanoi who is supposed to be fairly reputable. A brief search on Facebook should pull up some options.

I’d always go for pharma grade gear over underground though as you know what you’re getting and it will be accurately dosed.

So to summarise what’s available here in Ho Chi Minh:

  • Sustanon 250mg ml, around 160k dong per amp
  • Tesmon 50mg/2ml around 100k per amp
  • Nolvadex 30 tabs @ 200k box
  • Arimidex 30 tabs @ around 1.2 mill a box
  • HCG around 700k for 3 x 5k vials (a lot)
  • Needles and syringes easily available and very cheap


These are the opinions of the author and not medical advice. Please consult your doctor before jacking yourself up with testosterone 🙂



  1. I on TRT.I live in Vung Tau.I can’t find any sustanon 250.I have Chrohn’s and I’ve been on Oragnon sutsanon for 7 yrs.I would like to know how I can get some.TY

    • You might have to go into HCM to find it. I’m not sure if the smaller pharmacies there would stock it. If you’ve got a legitimate prescription then maybe try the hospitals, especially the private ones. It shouldn’t cost too much.

    • The bigger pharmacies should stock tamoxifen/arimidex/andriol and stuff like that. Sustanon is getting harder to find-i’d go on Facebook and do a few searches. It’s easy to find underground lab sellers on there (stuff like Pharmacom which is decent) at a good price delivered to your door.

    • Not that i’m currently aware of, however i’m sure that any of the private hospitals such as Hoan My or Hanh Phuc would offer it at a reasonable price. Most medicines are fairly cheap as is blood work. Best to find an endocrinologist if possible.

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