The Benefits of Green Tea

green tea vietnam

One of the most popular drinks and work out supplements on the market, green tea has been around for centuries and thought to have originated from China. Having lived in Asia for a number of years, it’s become a staple drink of mine and i try to drink it in the form of ‘Tra Da‘ (iced tea in Vietnamese) almost daily.

It’s normally served for free at most cafes in Vietnam so there’s no excuse not to get your fill of this healthy beverage.

Green tea has a powerful antioxidant effect and contains among other ingredients plant sterols, caffeine, phytochemicals, minerals and enzymes that are beneficial in numerous ways to the human body.

green tea vietnam

Green Tea for Fat Loss

One of the most powerful compounds in green tea is Epigallocatechin gallate, ECCG, a potent antioxidant that has many proven therapeutic and medicinal benefits such as reducing inflammation throughout the body.

When considering green tea in terms of fat loss a study conducted in 1999 (ref below) illustrated a 4% boost in metabolic rate on average when supplementing with a green tea extract containing caffeine and polyphenols.

The thermogenesis induced when taking green tea resulted in significant fat oxidation and a positive effect on body composition.

Green Tea for Heart Health

Green tea contains the vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, zinc, manganese and potassium and is also known to be good for cardiovascular health. Much like CLA drinking or supplementing with green tea has been shown to help prevent arthrosclerosis, the thickening of arterial walls with plaque primarily due to raised LDL cholesterol levels.

Green Tea for Dental Health

Considering how bad most peoples teeth seem to be in Vietnam, i’m a little surprised to learn of the benefits of green tea for dental health. I’m sure the fact that 90% of Vietnamese have never set foot into a dental clinic has something to do with this though.

Tea and in particular green tea is a source of flouride which is good for teeth health. A recent study into green tea and health has also suggested that the catechins found in green tea have an anti-bacterial effect further enhancing oral health.

As a Workout Boost

As a general rule green tea contains a low amount of caffeine, on average 25mg per brewed cup of tea however this is often enough to give a very slight boost in endurance and motivation when training.

If you like a caffeine boost before training a few cups of green tea would definitely be healthier than popping a few caffeine pills or downing a few mugs of coffee though.


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