getting laid abroad

How to Get Laid Abroad

December 22, 2014 PUAabroad 0

I’ve been on the road now for quite some time. My experience travelling through China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam was peppered with many female interactions, […]

danang bars

Danang Bars

December 2, 2014 PUAabroad 6

I’ve managed to check out quite a few local haunts since i landed in Danang some 3 weeks ago. Danang has a decent collection of […]

saigon motorbikes

Vietnamese Girls

December 2, 2014 PUAabroad 3

So I’m here in Vietnam and have decided to make the country my home for a while. I started off in Saigon in the South […]

No Picture

Asia is Changing..

December 2, 2014 PUAabroad 0

Having recently returned to the land of smiles i was somewhat surprised to witness the rapidly changing environment of Thailand and Asia in general. Western […]

vietnam girls

Serial Dater by Default

August 4, 2014 PUAabroad 0

Recently this question was put to me during yet another tedious and somewhat disappointing ‘Tinder’ rendezvous. A possible PUA style shit test perhaps with a view to […]

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The PUA Paradigm

August 4, 2014 PUAabroad 0

I first discovered the whole PUA (pick up artist) scene around 2008 when i was introduced to the now infamous book ‘The Game’ which im […]