10 Days in Dubai

burj al arab


burj al arab
Burj Al Arab-One Very Tall Building

City of extravagance, excess and wealth. A place were people come to party hard, albeit under strict Islamic Laws that do not allow public displays of affection and dictate that alcohol can only be bought and consumed at certain places.

If you’ve never been here before, it’s like someone has just dumped a super modern city in the middle of the desert. You can get everything here. Fast cars, loose women, some of the worlds finest cuisine. It’s home to the tallest building in the world and some extremely wealthy individuals.

It’s rumoured that Dubai’s oil reserves, that primarily fund the building of the city are due to run out in the next 10 years.

It’s a funny old place where prostitution is rife. Everyday my friend would return to his car where he’d have to remove 10 or 20 call girl cards from his car windows. This surprised me due to laws there, that the locals could be so audacious as to openly tout for illicit business in broad daylight on a daily basis. Who knows.


10 days was long enough to get a good feel for the place. Although i have been spoiled in many ways by living in Asia, especially when it comes to the girls, i could see myself living in Dubai for a year or more. The problem here is that everything is so expensive. Coming from places like Thailand and Vietnam to Dubai you can easily spend a weeks budget on one meal with a friend. Granted it would be good, but the point im trying to make is that you need A LOT of cash to live here and have a good time. $20 for one drink. $50 for a decent meal. This is not cheap. What you do get is a level of quality and service that far surpasses anything i’ve yet to experience in Vietnam even in the higher end hotels.

dubai beaches
$20 for a sun-lounger? Why not!

Dubai Girls

As i have already mentioned prostitution is rife here; mainly Philippinos and Russians from what i hear who i am sure are attracted by the large wealthy expat and tourist base. There is a real mix of girls here, mainly expats from Western Europe who work as cabin crew and fill the many office roles throughout the city. There are many Russians here (they are everywhere these days) and i did see a number of wealthy Arabs with decent looking Russian girls on numerous occasions, perhaps a porta potty or two…

My friend who’s been staying here for 5 years uses Tinder a lot. It was blocked until recently by the government (many websites here are) but seemed to be working ok during my stay. It may be worth spoofing your location on Tinder and doing some pipelining before you visit if you’re keen on meeting up with girls whilst visiting the emirate. A word of caution though; you will have to navigate the ‘pros’ on there and also be prepared to spend a bit of cash on a date as even a few drinks at a hotel bar is going to cost a lot. I had some good matches and initiated a few chats but didn’t go on any dates whilst here. I was keen to just soak up the sun and enjoy the food for a few days before heading back to Europe. As always i go for cupid when lining up dates or ‘pipelining’ before hitting a new destination and can definitely recommend it.

The girls i did meet definitely had their guards up in a big way. After spending so long in Asia it had been a while since i’d experienced the bitchy Western women phenomenon that i was all too familiar with back home. It didn’t take long to rear it’s ugly head here though. I was constantly asked what my job was, with many girls walking away if didn’t match their expectations. Also one girl went ballistic on me at the bar where i supposedly pushed in. She gave me the ‘do you know who i am‘ speech, blah blah blah. I gave her some banter and walked away whilst she was talking which seemed to infuriate her more!


dubai nightlife

My favourite bar/club was Zero Gravity. Music was cool in an outdoor setting and the people were fairly friendly. The place was full of Emirates cabin crew who mainly had there guard up but were interested in talking. Also Barasti on the beach is really cool. It’s a really large outdoor venue that attracts all sorts of people.

Coma on the Sheik Zayed Road is another great venue if you like your house music. They often have international DJs playing and draw a good crowd. Bar 360 near Jumeriah beach also comes highly recommended for a night dancing under the stars. Expect to pay $20 plus just to enter these venues however with drinks form $15 upwards. 


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