An Eastern European Perspective

Having traveled throughout much of Eastern Europe to places such as Bratislava, Prague and Budapest i’ve developed a certain fondness for the place especially the nightlife, simple but tasty food and of course the local women.

Underground at 4.30am
Underground at 4.30am

Here in the UK there has been a massive influx of Eastern European workers in the last few years meaning beautiful Slavic women are but a few feet away most of the time in large cities such as London, Leeds and Manchester.

I’ve noticed this has quite an unnerving effect on the local women who often seem perturbed by their beauty and end up labelling them as ‘hookers’ or ‘miserable cows’ when really it’s just deep seated jealousy-a fit/slim/attractive women in the UK is definitely a rare commodity compared to places like Budapest and the Ukraine where good looking women are extremely common.

The girl above I met about 18 months ago on a weekend trip to Budapest, nothing to really write home about but at 4.30am in the local ‘bang on the door to get in’ basement bar I thought I was doing ok.

I didn’t manage to close the deal that night but had a good time none the less. She did try and contact me through facebook for about a month after I’d returned home to the UK, but as these things normally pan out the distance thing got in the way and I wasn’t that bothered anyway.

I’ve got a good friend who now lives in Bratislava-he was single and living at his parents, nice guy but nothing special to look at. At age 37 here in the UK living at home is definitely not a good thing especially if you’re unemployed and going nowhere.

Being good with computers and having a few random qualifications he applied and got an expat IT job in Bratislava and now lives like a king with a Slavic girlfriend who would be model material here. She seems genuinely decent as well and not just after his cash, I being the cynical type wind him up constantly over this and I am a little concerned due to his naivety but at least he’s happy for now.

I see way too many guys over here settling for mediocre women in both the looks and personality department. I suppose if they had better game they could ‘come from a place of abundance’ so to speak however I do think it would be a wholly different storey if these guys traveled a bit, put a bit of effort into learning some pick up techniques and saw what was out there beyond the confines of the local town walls.

Let me know your thoughts.


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