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Tinder app vietnam

Whether you’re new to Asian dating and want to meet a Viet single, Phillipino girl or Thai fox or you consider yourself a seasoned veteran, there’s a lot you need to take into account when dating online in Asia.

In some of my previous articles I’ve talked about red flags to watch out for when dating Asian girls, and given my own feedback on dating success in Vietnam. Asia and Vietnam in particular are rapidly embracing online dating and one thing here is certain-people here are busy.

Tinder app vietnam
My local Tinder treat..

Most girls I know (like the one above) work six days a week for 9 or more hours a day and just don’t have much time for dating. By using online dating sites like Vietnam Cupid they are able to quickly set up dates for after work or on their days off and they can do it privately and discretely from the comfort of their own homes.

As well as talking to girls in the daytime at malls or at cafes, i use two main online sources to meet women in Vietnam. Viet Cupid as the locals like to call it is one of the best resources out there for meeting local girls. Sure you’ll have to wade though the odd working girl or crazy chick to get to the good ones, but I find this website one of the best to find decent quality Vietnamese or Asian girls online.

vietnam cupid
Vietnam Cupid delivers again..

Asians in general although especially the Vietnamese associate having to pay for something with quality. That’s why paid dating sites like Vietnam Cupid are so fruitful when picking up girls; you tend to find better quality women on here who are independent and have a job and who are not just looking to milk a Westerner dry.

There are working girls on these sites of course, and if that’s what you’re looking for then by all means go ahead and take a look. In fact it’s probably one of the better ways to hook up with these types of women as everything can be arranged discretely online.

The other option I find becoming more and more popular here is the Tinder app . When I was in Da Nang I found Tinder to be pretty fruitless with mainly passing traveller girls on there looking for some random guy to hook up with or the same old local faces.

tinder app vietnam
Tinder can sometimes be a little ‘disappointing’

In HCM however it’s an entirely different story. I’ve had a lot of success here with the Tinder app and combining it with Viet Cupid I think you’ll get all the action you can handle.

In fact I don’t even bother approaching much in bars or outside anymore as using Viet Cupid and Tinder gets me more than enough action.



  1. Sounds like the typical Beta male who has no luck in Western countries, then flies to SE Asia where he can satisfy his crippled ego by being treated like an Alpha. Reality check – they’re only after you because you’re white. You’re being judged based on your colour – same as you judge them based on their sex appeal. The whole “beta male goes after an Asian woman” thing really gets on my nerves. But kudos – it’s surely a helpful piece of information for all the other losers out there who can’t get anyone in their native country.

    • Whilst i agree that there are indeed many ‘beta males’ who do not have much luck in their home countries and do better in Asia, there is equally many successful guys who leave good jobs in the West to explore the world and take a risk in life. In fact i’d say it’s pretty Alpha to fly half way across the world into the unknown and challenge yourself in an unknown land-nothing beta about that. 🙂

  2. The other dating app worth looking at is Badoo, or same same “Blendr” in the west.
    Badoo is also a free to taste but pay to benefit service. I’d position it above Tinder (which is mainly just for sex) and below Cupid (which is more for relationships). Note that Tinder is virtually useless outside of cities.

    But I agree on the subject of red flags. For example; If, during your second skype call, she asks to see your cock, then it’s time to move on.

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