Back to the Land of Smiles

..well, not yet but i’ve recently been contemplating another trip to the ‘land of smiles’ aka ‘Thailand.’

This has left me pondering the last two trips i’ve taken here over the last 3 years, and perhaps whether i should extend my stay a little longer next time.

What's that boy..? Yes, falang is coming..!
What’s that boy..? Yes, falang is coming..!

I love Thailand, it’s happy people, tasty food, relatively cheap beach accommodation and nightlife scene that would make the most rampant of shaggers (as we say in Wales) turn red in the face.

In fact i’ve even seriously considered moving over there for a few months or longer to see how it goes, perhaps check out the teaching English game for a while whilst mulling around the various provinces and towns.

Indeed i’ve met people who live there who rave about the place constantly, but have also come across the haters-people who have grown tired of the hustle and bustle, pollution and low wages and yearn to leave the kingdom.

The thing is living somewhere full time when not in holiday mode is very different to staying in decent hotels and travelling around for a week or two then returning home to say the UK or US.

When spending all your money on booze and nightlife with an end in sight a week or two later you kind of go for it, no holds barred as you know that you’ll be back in relative western comfort soon and it’s what everyone does right?

Well what if there was no end in sight?

You were only limited by your own stamina, money in the bank and ability to endure hangover after hangover. I can envisage some sort of ‘asian burn out’ (not an STD, although..) a sort of malaise that only too much of a good thing can bring-too much partying, women and sun, although sounds great on paper might prove the unhinging of a thirty something man looking for something different…..

Let me have your thoughts..


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