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I feel i’ve come a long way since my first post some-time ago on vietnamese girls and what to watch out for when dating in Vietnam.

Having lived in the central part of the country near the beach in Da Nang, i now find myself approaching the six month phase in Saigon, and wanted to write a brief update on how i see things here and what the future holds in regards to dating with local girls.

I’ve had great success using Vietnam Cupid and also Tinder whilst in Saigon, and still recommend these as your number one tools for meeting local girls here.

I’ve been on numerous dates here in this southern sweatbox city, and made a list of my favourite spots that i think are amongst the best in the city for meeting with your girl.

I find the girls here more open to foreign guys in general however the level of English actually seems lower than Da Nang which i find surprising. Da Nang is a university town though and the level of English uptake is high there so i’m sure that’s a factor.

I still think that Vietnamese girls are the best in South East Asia.

I’d say Thai women come a close second with Chinese and Philippine girls coming a joint third. I’ve met some of the most caring and feminine women here out of all my travels, with the body of a goddess which is always a bonus. Let me give you an example….

..I recently came down with a bout of food poisoning, probably from going a bit too cheap with my street food eating for a few days…I’d met a girl from Vietnam Cupid and we’d been meeting regularly for a few weeks. We knew each other fairly well, but nothing too serious. I was knocked off my feet with illness for the best part of a week. During this time she stayed by my side night and day, took time off work unpaid to help care for me and regularly went to the chemist on my behalf to buy medication and any other items she thought would help me. I was slowly nursed back to health despite my insistence that i was fine and didn’t need any help … Her level of kindness was quite staggering but after talking with my many Vietnamese friends here i got the reply ‘that’s how it is here’ and ‘your women will always take care of you no matter what in Vietnam’ 

I know you have to filter through the bad girls to find the good ones, and that everyone puts their best foot forward when they like someone, sure, but this was something else. I’ve experienced this before in Vietnam and can only say that 99% of the time the girls are truly great however.

Things are changing fast here though.

Modernisation is increasing at a rapid rate and with this comes the inevitable Westernisation of the landscape and its people. I’m seeing it happen before my very eyes. Mcdonalds stores are opening at a rapid rate alongside the appearance of ubiquitous foreign brands such as Starbucks and Topman.

If you’re considering moving to Vietnam or South East Asia in general i’d say the time to come is now.

Vietnam is still cheap but prices are slowly creeping up. The people in general are still traditional but Western materialism and way of thinking is permeating into the psyche of the population rapidly, and i believe this to be a bad thing.

So what are you waiting for? Get on that plane and take that long holiday, year abroad or relocation forever you’ve always dreamt of.

Now is the time. 


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