How to Get Laid Abroad

getting laid abroad

I’ve been on the road now for quite some time.

My experience travelling through China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam was peppered with many female interactions, some great, some crazy bad. I’m currently settled for a few months in Central Vietnam as i got a little tired of constantly changing hotels, questionable food and long uncomfortable bus journeys. I wanted to write a short article on getting laid abroad and what i think works; the below certainly helped me on my travels.

getting laid abroadPreparation is Key. When it comes to getting laid abroad prior preparation is key in the form of the internet. The smart phone rules in Asia. Women here are constantly glued to their cell phones. Social media is key with everyone having Facebook accounts and usually multiple ‘meet up sites’ such as Badoo, cupid, Tinder and WeChat. It’s imperative that you ‘pipe line’ before you arrive at your chosen destination, which basically entails setting up a good social profile on these various sites and conducting some online game. Trust me you’ll have a date or two lined up before you arrive which makes all the difference.

The ‘Exotic’ Factor. Roosh talks about going to places where you don’t look like the locals and i wanted to stress that again here. Women are often attracted to something that’s different, enticing, and not like what they see every day. This is especially true throughout Asia where the landscape is changing rapidly, people are becoming more open about sex and relationships and a white Western guy like they see in the movies every weekend is still very desirable. Indeed if you can dress well and have a decent level of game it’s like shooting fish in a barrel here at times.

Ignore the ‘Haters. Many people back home will immediately act with suspicion when you tell them about your escapades in somewhere like South East Asia. I often get messages from mates back home asking me how many ‘hookers’ i’ve banged this week and when i’ll be buying my ‘Thai Bride’ and returning home. You see people generally like to conform to social conditioning and not deviate from predetermined paths. The notion of taking off abroad and travelling for an extended period perplexes and confuses many people. ‘Why don’t you just stay here and settle down’ and ‘are you a sex tourist’ are both sayings i’ve had to deal with in recent months. The key point here is confidence. If you can’t get laid at home it won’t be much easier abroad, unless you really do prefer paying for it. Become that confidant, interesting man that women gravitate toward and your dating pool here will open up massively. I fine women offering the ‘whole package’ i.e looks, personality and temperament are much more abundant in SEA and with a little confidence and game you’ll be glad you came.

Positive Energy.  Women are drawn to positive, exciting guys who seem to have their shit together. You will find that women abroad on the whole tend to be happier and more positive than many of their neurotic counterparts in the West, which means you have to match this and become the life and soul of the party. A positive and exciting guy is a natural aphrodisiac to women.

Approach Often and Don’t be Afraid to go out Alone. Hopefully by now you’re at ease with hitting the bars, coffee shops and clubs alone. If not get some practice in as there will often be times where you’ll want to go out and they’ll be now one available to go with, this is especially true when travelling if you don’t like to stay in hostels. Have the confidence to approach women you find attractive. Of course this will not always result in getting laid but it will open you up to more possibilities when abroad including friendship and business opportunities. You just don’t know where that conversation will lead!


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