Girl Friendly Hotels in Saigon

girl friendly hotels saigon
Hotel 'rules' :-)

Many people may be concerned or perhaps hear rumours that you cannot bring girls back to your hotel room in Vietnam.

This is a grey area, but i must say i’ve only ever had a problem with this on one occasion and have travelled extensively through the country. Most places are happy to take the girls ID card if she is staying over for the night and no further questions will be asked. This protects you as well as the hotel, as there is some comeback in tracing the girl if she disappears in the night with your suitcase and jar of marmite you’ve been saving…

girl friendly hotels saigon
Hotel ‘rules’ 🙂

The law is unclear, but i understand that officially a non Vietnamese and a Vietnamese person who are not married cannot share a room together. It may be worth calling ahead to your planned hotel to check this if you are travelling with your girlfriend to avoid any embarrassment on checking in. I must say however that since being in Saigon for two weeks i have stayed in 3 separate hotels and brought various women to each hotel who stayed over, and no questions were asked. All the hotel wanted was the girls ID card if she was staying over.

I think it’s better to stick to budget hotels and B&Bs are they are more lenient if you want to take different girls back all the time. This is Vietnam after all and most things can be brushed under the table for a few dollars if trouble were to arise.

In bigger 4 or 5 star hotels or hotels that are government owned then they would probably be more likely to tow the line and crack down on this. I know of a friend who was staying in Nha Trang and had a knock on his hotel room door at 11pm. The police wanted to check for extra ‘guests’ and even looked in the bathroom and cupboard-hilarious.

This was probably more likely due to the hotelier having a policeman brother or cousin and they were looking for a little ‘coffee money’ however.

So the hotels i can recommend are Yen Trang 2 just off Bui Vien in D1. This is tucked away down a small alley and is quite a nice little hotel. The guy behind reception even high fived me after a few days after i’d brought various women back. Another option just around the corner from Yen Trang 2 is the Bali B hotel on Nguyen Thai Hoc. Both hotels have basic but clean rooms with friendly staff. There is no motorbike parking at the Bali B but the guy behind reception will park it for you for 10k VND for the night.

I have no affiliation or relationship to these hotels and this is just my humble experience. 


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