An Introduction to Danang

danang dragon bridge

Situated right on the coast in Central Vietnam, the port city of Danang is a flourishing university town with a large population of 18-30 year old students that has a laid back feel.

With a generally mild climate away from the sticky south of Saigon and not experiencing the freezing winters of Hanoi in the north, i thought it would be a good place to say for a while and make some new also has a pretty cool dragon that breathes fire, the biggest in the world apparently.

danang dragon bridge
Puff the magic dragon!


The Han river flows through the city of Danang splitting the city in two. To the East you have luxury hotels and beaches, a few expat bars and many residential areas and restaurants. To the West of the river you have the main city area of Danang with it’s many shops, bars and hotels.

I’d recommend staying as close to the West side as possible as thats where most of the action is. Sure there are a few expat bars on the East side but most of these are pretty quiet and cliquey. Most of the nightlife runs along the Bach Dang street parallel┬áto the Han river. There’s a good selection of bars here most open until 1-2am, and of course plenty of local girls.

Danang is starting to crop up on the usual forums such as RooshV as guys are discovering its potential as a cool place to settle down for a while. My experience here so far at only 3 weeks is a little limited, but I’ve met a lot of people including girls and locals and feel i can give a good overview of the city, it’s nightlife and the girls.

I’m planning on staying here for a few months, maybe longer so ill keep this article updated as i discover more of the city..Yo!


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