Serial Dater by Default

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Recently this question was put to me during yet another tedious and somewhat disappointing ‘Tinder’ rendezvous. A possible PUA style shit test perhaps with a view to see how i’d react, but a valid question nevertheless that has since resonated with me somewhat in the days that followed the date.

So what constitutes a ‘serial dater’ i hear you ask?

Five dates a week, one a week, one a month, as many as you can get and who gives a fuck…..??! As a guy you’d think i’d lean more toward the final option, maybe in my late teens and early twenties that would’ve been the case however these days i find myself getting increasingly disappointed when meeting women online who seem to more often than not never live up to their photos (five years older now? 15lbs heavier? unfortunate accident? change those pics FFS!)

I feel i’ve become a serial dater by default, not through choice it seems but as a result of the by product of meeting too many visually promising women through apps such as Tinder, plenty of fish and the like and more often than not leaving disappointed.

Of course if ever im asked this question whilst on a date, and it’s been put to me a few times recently, i just tend to give a cocky funny reply such as ‘ye you’re my third today’ etc etc.

A classic example was last Tuesday.

Only face shots on Tinder, always a warning sign when a chick only puts pictures of her face up but she looked pretty cute. This coupled with body type defined as ‘athletic’ tipped me over the edge and i went forth and organised a meet-up, big mistake.

As soon as she walked (waddled) in i got that gut feeling of disappointment im all too familiar with, yes another one claiming slim athletic prowess but unfortunately in the real world as far from this as could be.

On the plus side ( and im not just talking about her dress size) she was actually a good laugh and we may hang out again, i love meeting new people so from a friendship perspective it’s a possible goer.


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