The PUA Paradigm

I first discovered the whole PUA (pick up artist) scene around 2008 when i was introduced to the now infamous book ‘The Game’ which im sure you’ve heard of by now.

After emerging highly scathed from a lengthy break-up and approaching rock bottom i took it upon myself to dig deeper into the whole success with women genre and see where it would take me.

With some hired guns back in 2008..
With some hired guns back in 2008..


Fast forward to 2014 and i’ve become a seasoned traveler and have had much success with women at home and abroad.

I’m often referred to as the ‘serial dater’ amongst my friends and have worked (for free) as a dating coach helping guy’s get off their feet with women.

I think the whole PUA scene needs to be taken lightly, and by that i mean experiment with methods and ideas but don’t become a total nerd and let it control your life. I’ve known friends who are literally consumed by pick-up and know from talking with them that they don’t really enjoy it like they used to, feel a bit lost and are less content with the opposite sex than when they started.

That being said i think the basics are highly valuable and i myself still remain fascinated by the psychology of attraction as much as any man and am keen to test new theories as they arise.

Sure it’ll blow your mind and consume you a little at first. Anything that messes with social conditioning and societal ‘norms’ on how we are told to behave will. There’s so much stuff out there PUA related it’s a huge task just trawling through the forums and various websites around the genre.

The whole PUA market has become a little saturated as of late with every other guy online calling themselves a ‘pick up artist’ or ‘guru’ of some sort. This has led to some good material being produced however, a lot of which i have field tested and will be reviewing in the future., especially as i start to travel and experience different dating mindsets in different parts of the world.

There are some really good forums out there on the web covering everything in great detail from dealing with the basics such as approach anxiety and building confidence to dealing with ‘last minute resistance’ in the bedroom and rejection that often comes out of the blue.

By reading up on the basics and implementing some basic principles of generating attraction the average guy can greatly enhance his ‘game’ and immediately accelerate his success with women.

Whilst i still do believe that ultimately it’s a numbers game and making a conscious effort to increase your exposure to women, the number of successful interactions with women can without doubt be greatly increased with improved self awareness, confidence and implementing the many tried and tested PUA techniques.



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