The True Nature of Women

vietnam girls

vietnam girls

Being a well travelled male in my mid 30’s i’ve often found myself asking are women all the same the world over? Do they exhibit the same core character traits and do they react in the same ways to guys who try and and pick them up wherever that may be…?

I’ve found that viewing this from an evolutionary perspective woman will react to an alpha male in roughly the same way whether you’re in a bar in New York or Davao city in the Philippines. I believe that certain attraction switches are hard wired into the brains of women and these can be switched on when exhibiting basic alpha traits such as being a protector of women, social status, wealth etc however most people in the PUA community know this anyway.

Most of us have had a relationship that has crashed and burned in one way or another-perhaps she got bored and cheated, you fucked up in some way by giving away your frame too much or maybe you just weren’t that compatible to start with and things just fizzled out. I know i’ve been here a few times…

I’m a firm believer though that there are some traits that are inherent to all women, of course everyone is different to varying degrees and nature and nurture play a part, but the following points i think are arguably universal in my experience.

Please take note, i’m not a woman hater by any means, but find the psychology surrounding dating and attraction fascinating. I’m a firm believer in many of the red pill philosophies out there as i’ve seen these proven countless times from women of different races across the globe.

  • A deep desire for male validation and attention

You see it everywhere, especially in Asia, the selfie capital of the world.’

Facebook is the ultimate tool of the narcissist. I thought it was bad at home in the UK, but since being here in Asia it seems a lot worse. Asian girls are obsessed with Facebook.

From living here for a while now i know how much they love to post pics of themselves online doing mundane and ridiculous things and counting the likes or comments. It’s not uncommon for an averagely attractive Vietnamese girl to get well over 150 likes when posting a new picture of her drinking coffee at some cafe. The beta orbiters then quickly flood in with their pedestalizing comments which no doubt further inflate her ego and temporarily uplift her fragile self esteem.

I actually deleted some girl i was dating for a few weeks recently and immediately received an aggressive message off her for doing so. I’d obviously really offended her by ‘deleting’ her from facebook, but understood then the importance to her of having guys on her profile, especially foreign ones. Strange.

  • The desire to ‘trade up’ and seek a better mate

I believe that almost all women will cheat given the right set of circumstances and opportunity. I’ve seen and experienced it myself many times, and have been with seemingly normal, everyday women who i later found out were married or engaged.

Even with the wealth of information on the internet now to do with game and attracting women most men still refuse to believe or are just ignorant to the fact that all women will stray if the situation is in their favour and they will not get caught. Now i know a lot of you won’t agree with me on this and perhaps the mythical unicorn does still exist out there, but in my 20 or so years of chasing women im yet to see it.

  • Live in the moment and have ‘fun’ no matter what the consequences i.e cheating on  boyfriend or husband

This ties in with the above desire to trade up, and can be observed each weekend in most bars or clubs across the city. ‘Girls just wanna have fun!’ of course, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except often the trusting boyfriend or husband is not aware of this ‘fun’ and what it entails.

I met a pretty lawyer recently on her hen do. Seemed well to do, well spoken etc. Classy girl perhaps… I knew that after a few drinks and getting to know her that all this would change, and it did. She ended up going home with the doorman of the local nightclub after much encouragement from her friends-pretty disgusting behaviour, but no doubt rationalised by her as perhaps her last fling with an alpha before settling down with that nice guy (…although i highly doubt this.)

  • A rationalisation for her actions no matter how bad, selfish or morally abhorrent

I could probably write a 10,000 word article under this heading alone. I’ve experienced this to different degrees over the years but it does seem to be quite bad in Asia where losing face is a very bad thing and lieing a lot of the time is not a concern to many woman i meet.

Women here will date multiple guys at a time; not all will sleep with many guys but a lot will of course if the guy has game. A recent mini relationship of mine turned sour when her ex came back into the picture. She was meeting up with him for some time before i found out, and the excuses and lies to justify the behaviour were quite funny. ‘He’s just a friend, he needed a translator, he needed to find a new apartment‘ etc etc.

I firmly believe that if an ex is still in the picture in any shape or form then it’s game over-you must be prepared to walk as there is a very good chance she will eventually go back to him or sleep with him without your knowledge. Back up guys and beta orbiters are always in the picture. Check her facebook or phone if you can; you may be unpleasantly surprised.

  • A desire for drama and a seeking of a ‘roller coaster’ emotional ride-the desire for a ‘bad boy’

I believe that women crave drama in their lives and make choices based on emotional feeling rather than logical thinking.

Women tend to throw themselves into the moment more than men. Just watch girls in groups together at a bar or club, lost in the moment oblivious to their surroundings and just waiting for the alpha player to make his move.

I had an incredibly acrimonious split with a recent girlfriend when i found out she had been meeting her ex behind my back .The trust was immediately shattered, and from what i have learnt about women i highly doubt that she hadn’t slept with him or was just about to.

After much arguing, silence from me, push pull and a various other tactics i still sleep with her on a regular basis even though she says she ‘hates’ me ‘never wants to see me again’ and that im a ‘total asshole’ for ending it. All words that i know most beta guys would be horrified to hear, but are actually good because you’re getting a deep emotional response.

She has now abandoned the beta ex again and i know that by eliciting these emotions in her i fuel the fire of passion-there’s a thin line between love and hate, and by eliciting strong emotional feelings and drama in a woman it certainly gets the vaginal juices flowing.

Always judge a person by their actions, not their words.



  1. LOL Looks like you’re not very successful if they all cheat on you. I thought it would all be able getting your amazing dick…unless maybe it’s not that amazing

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