Tinder in Vietnam

Tinder has exploded in Saigon and Vietnam and there are thousands of women now using the app here. Other apps like Badoo and Vietnam Cupid are also popular but tinder seems to be the clear winner right now.

tinder in saigon

This is both good and bad.

By opening up the gates to easy access to foreign men and tourists Vietnamese girls can now quickly and discretely swipe through hundreds of guys based on looks alone. Vietnamese guys generally don’t like to date a girl past a certain age (around 25) especially if she’s dated foreigners before or doesn’t have the skinny body and white skin they all love so much. Most Western guys I meet tend to prefer the more petite darker girls so tinder for them is a good option.

I’ve had good success on the app, but advise against it for finding anything long term or serious.

Most girls on Tinder in Vietnam have been through a lot of guys-don’t believe it when they say ‘I’ve just downloaded the app’ or ‘you’re the first foreign guy I’ve met on here.’ In fact it becomes quite amusing after a while and I’m sure there’s some Vietnamese guide to Tinder handbook out there.

Prepare yourself for the same boring questions over and over:

‘you work here or travel?’

‘why you live Saigon?’

‘you have wife, I know’

‘you first foreign guy I meet’ etc etc..

There are many beautiful girls on there however and you will quickly find yourself accumulating a lot of ‘matches.’

The quality of said matches will vary wildly though so you must tread carefully. The usual rules apply. If she states (and many do) ‘I’m not looking for a one night stand or fwb’ then this is exactly what she wants. I’ve experienced this more than five times recently resulting in getting laid on the first or second date.

I’ve been dipping into the app on and off for a while and i feel there’s 3 types of girls you’ll encounter on there (hookers aside)

Number One- The Tinder Veteran

tinder saigon

She’s as bad as a Western Tinder drama queen and has been riding the foreign cock carousel for some time now. She’s bitchy and annoying and will shut down any man that attempts any sort of humor or banter. Well on the way to becoming Westernised you’ll think you’re meeting some bar skank from back home, although she’ll probably look a lot better.

She’s a pro at quickly asking questions and you start to feel you’re part of some some of random job interview when interacting with her. She’ll most likely have tattoos and have traveled extensively to places like Singapore and Malaysia (unusual for a Vietnamese girl unless they are ‘working’) She’s looking for adventure and quick thrills but the ensuing drama usually isn’t worth it.

She’s dated or had flings with a lot of guys here from all parts of the world. It doesn’t matter as long as they have money or will buy her stuff. If you’re looking for fun then knock yourself out, but don’t get attached. I’ve met many girls like this here. They will bed you quickly and never insist on using any protection. Don’t expect any sleep afterwards however as their multiple phones will be blowing up all night with all the messages they’re receiving from other guys.

Number Two-The Naïve Girl

tinder in saigon

I’ve noticed quite a few girls who don’t really understand the app.

They fill out their profiles with huge details and just want to chat away wasting time. They have little intention of meeting up, and just use the app for English practice or for validation. Indeed Vietnamese girls love feeling validated-check out any girls Facebook here and you’ll see 000’s of selfies and not much else.

You may find a good girl in this category but they are rare. I don’t really think it’s worth the effort unless you’re looking for something casual or a bit of fun. I’d stick to Vietnam Cupid for something more serious, although this site can be good for hooking up too.

Number Three. The 5 who thinks she’s a 10.

Due to the huge influx of foreigners into Saigon in the last few years, the thirst for local girls has increased exponentially.

It’s only natural that a girl who matches with pretty much every guy online suddenly starts to feel a little entitled and full of herself, especially if these guys are foreign, exotic men. This can be seen in most cities in the West and most guys can relate to this.

Perhaps 2 or 3 years ago when smartphones in Vietnam were rarer and apps like Tinder were unheard of, a girl considered a 5 might be approached by a a thirty guy once or twice a week. Now however even remotely good looking women are bombarded with messages and validation from guys on a daily basis, which of course leads to an inflated ego.

The dating market is still skewed favourably toward the guys in Vietnam, but the gap is slowly closing as apps such as Tinder take hold and once traditional local women begin to realise their value on a global scale.



  1. Yeah the “no hookups” thing is fairly accurate even in Saigon.

    Comically accurate to be quite honest. I thought that was just a western thing, but NOPE. Girls are pretty much the same all over the world.

  2. Wow. I thought this blog post was a load of sensationist fairytales, until I actually visited Saigon over the last few days and used Tinder. The girl and I connect on Tinder in the morning, started sexting by lunchtime, I bought her dinner that evening and we spent the whole night from shagging 8pm – 8am. I’m completely drained! Never experienced anything like it in my life before.

    • Yep, it’s an awesome place for women. The viet girls are generally open about sex and relaxed about it, especially any you meet from online.

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