Vietnam Cupid Review

vietnam cupid

It’s no secret that online dating is massive all over the world.

In smartphone obsessed countries like Vietnam and Thailand dating sites like Vietnam Cupid are huge and day game aside probably the best places to meet Asian girls online.

When considering the best dating sites in Asia and Vietnam, I believe Vietnam Cupid wins hands down.

The girls are decent on the whole and are curious about foreigners. Sure you’ll have to make your profile stand out a little in order to get the attention of the hotter girls, but in general they are all fairly hot….

Girls on Vietnam Cupid

What are the girls on Vietnam Cupid like? Well here’s one..

vietnam cupidNot too bad I think you’ll agree.

Here’s another..

vietnam cupid

And this is not the exception.

This is a typical girl from Vietnam Cupid and most are responsive to foreigners and want to get to know you better.

Vietnamese girls tend to work very hard getting up at 5am to care for their family and then heading off to work 6 days per week.

They don’t have much time to arrange dates and go out and meet people during the day so dating sites like Vietnam Cupid really appeal to these types of women.

Generally you should avoid bar girls in places like Vietnam and Thailand. Sure these girls can be fun as a short term fling, but most have been riding the foreign carousel for a long time and a lot are a little crazy to boot.

Vietnam is still socially conservative and to see a Vietnamese girl drinking/smoking or with tattoos is really taboo. Yes you will see it in places like Bui Vien in Saigon and to a lesser extent in other towns in Vietnam that are frequented by foreigners, but these girls are in the minority.

A good example of this was in Da Nang in central Vietnam where i lived for some time.

After a few months of living there I would start to notice the same group of girls at the bars each weekend, but after a few weeks they’d always have a new ‘fresh off the boat’ foreigner with their crew.

My mates and I used to joke around and called these girls ‘the welcoming committee’, for obvious reasons.

You really want to avoid these types of girls, and that’s easy when you have access to knowledge like you’ll find on this site and sites like Vietnam Cupid where you can ‘pipeline’ and set up dates before you even arrive.

Setting up Your Vietnam Cupid Account

Setting up your Vietnam Cupid account is easy but you’ll want to put a bit of effort into it so that you stand out from the crowd.

  • Dress smart for you photos-appearance is really important in Asia
  • Don’t list an occupation-keep her guessing and weeds out the gold diggers
  • Write that you’re here for business or have been here at least a few months. Girls will straightaway ask you ‘how long have you been in Vietnam?’ This is to weed out tourists, but also some girls don’t want a guy who’s been in Vietnam for a long time as they presume he’s married or playing around-crazy Vinalogic but I’ve come across it a few times.

My best advice is to not put too much detail down so as to keep her guessing, but enough to pique her interest in you.

Vietnam Cupid Dates

You’ll meet all kind of girls on Vietnam Cupid but I believe it contains a good portion of good girls that are worthy of dating longer term.

It’s tradition in Vietnam to go out for dinner on a date, but I’d advise against this. I find dinner dates a little awkward for a first date, so I always try and meet for a coffee or juice somewhere instead. That way it’s low investment on your part in time and money if she turns out to be a total dud, which is rare.

I wouldn’t suggest meeting in a bar as most Vietnamese girls don’t drink, although you could suggest it to gauge her reaction as part of your screening process.

So there you have it-all you need to know about how to approach Vietnams best dating site.

Have fun 🙂



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