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saigon motorbikes
Saigon. a city besieged by some 5 million motorbikes.

So I’m here in Vietnam and have decided to make the country my home for a while. I started off in Saigon in the South but am currently based in Da Nang, the beautiful under-rated girl paradise in central nam.

Vietnamese girls are beautiful however their personalities are as varied as any nation and they tend to be referred to as ‘fire and ice’ by the local men. After living here for a while and dating a few local girls you’ll see what i mean.

vietnam girls

Saigon Girls

I recently spent a few weeks week in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) the hectic overcrowded city in southern Vietnam home to some 7 million inhabitants and some of the best looking Asian & Vietnam girls I’ve seen in all my travels in South East Asia.

I did a lot of reading and research on Vietnam before my arrival and set up a profile on Badoo and Vietnam cupid and starting chatting to a few girls before I even touched down in the city.

I’d recommend that you do this guys-it’s a great way to get to know some locals before you set foot in town and you will almost certainly get a date or two lined up before you arrive as some of the local girls are very keen to meet a foreigner.

vietnam girls
Saigon. a city besieged by some 5 million motorbikes.

Now lets take a step back for a minute…

What I read before arriving was certainly true. There is an abundance of beauty here; the city is full of hot young talent and the thumping seven days a week nightlife means you can go out any night and potentially get lucky.

Vietnamese girls for me combine the best of Chinese, Thai and Cambodian women looks wise and are a potent little package.

Western culture is creeping into Vietnam at an alarming rate however and a man will need some game when dealing with the city girls, especially ones from Saigon in the south. Here they meet many Western men and are used to being wined and dined and treated well.

Vietnam girls do tend to have a more conservative nature about them though than their Thai or Malaysian counterparts especially if you find a good one online and away from the bars. If you’re looking for fun though bars such as Lush Saigon and district 1 is where you should be heading.

Like many Asian women money and status is number one, however the true player with game can come along penniless and still score with one of these chicks if his game is tight. There are a lot of frustrated expats here with little women procurement talent and i think the average guy with game can do well.

I set up a date for my second night with a girl named ‘Mai‘  a 24 year old local girl i had been chatting to on Vietnam Cupid. As i didn’t know the city yet i let her choose the venue for the meet up-not the best tactic but by explaining that i was new in town and on a business trip i managed to hold my frame well.

vietnam girls

She chose the Hyatt Martini Bar for the meet up, probably one of the most expensive places in the city, although average prices compared to UK and US bars. Now Mai was what i came to learn they call in Vietnam ‘a money girl.’ Asian girls are obsessed with status and cash, this supersedes almost all other factors such as good looks.

This soon became apparent after our meeting as i was expected to pay for everything and there was no offers to buy any drinks or taxi fares throughout the evening.

I enjoyed my evening with Mai. We hit another famous expat haunt, Apocalypse Now which is busy most days of the week but tends to attract a lot of pros and older expats looking for that easy lay with a hooker.

I soon became tired of being a Western ATM machine however and cut the night short at around 11pm as it was going nowhere.

The evening gave me an insight into what seems to be important to many Asian girls, but i took the interaction with a pinch of salt and put it down to experience. I didn’t contact Mai again but proceeded onto date number two that week with ‘Trang’ or fairy as she liked to be called!

Now Fairy was some what of a butterface (nice body but-her-face?!) and at 21 was in very decent shape. I’m heading toward my mid 30’s so it’s pretty sweet easily getting with chicks around the age of 21. When i was in my early 20’s i would not have thought twice about this but now in my 30’s it’s definitely a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Fairy wasn’t a money girl and went round for round with me on drinks which was cool. We met a couple of times with the third date resulting in a bang. Now a word of warning about Asian girls to think about if you’re a guy from the West. If you’re like me you’re used to waxed and shaved pussys; well the opposite is in fashion here.

When i first saw Fairy’s muff i did a double take. Overgrowth is an understatement.

I joked with her about her ‘hairy bush’ and she kept saying ‘beautiful forest.’ Hmmmm maybe…if there’s one Western trait that i hope takes off here it’s shaving and waxing that vagina!



  1. Actually trimming is getting pretty popular here. I think you had bad luck with Fairy. About 90% of the girls I take home are trimmed to some degree down there.

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