Asia is Changing..

Having recently returned to the land of smiles i was somewhat surprised to witness the rapidly changing environment of Thailand and Asia in general.

Western culture is creeping in at a rapid pace. Americanism seems to be worshipped here; from my recent travels through China, Bali and Thailand it was plain to see. The girls obsessed with their smartphones, taking ‘selfies’ at every opportunity, smoking and drinking is much more common now amongst the Asian youth as is the no strings attached lifestyle.

Casual sex is more prevalent and girls are waiting longer to get married.

In the past generally speaking Asian girls would have a rigid path; married at 21, children at 22 and then serving the household as a stay at home mother whilst the man goes out to work to bring in the cash.

During my past three months of South East Asia travel i’ve witnessed a stark growing trend to the contrary. There is an abundance of single women now in their early to mid twenties who are more concerned with career and ‘dating’ than settling down and starting a family. This is good for the international player and man who wants to get some ‘flags’ as he travels but whether it’s good for society at large going forward remains to be seen.

One of the most disturbing trends i see throughout China and all of SEA is the obsession with white skin-and it really is an obsession. Once the sun comes out all the girls will cover up in a huge one piece suit including gloves, hat, scarf, umbrellas…it’s pretty comical to see.

asian girl umbrella

I’ve asked local girls many times why they cover up and don’t want to be brown-the answer is always the same; ‘white is beautiful.’ Class is everything in Asia and being tanned or too brown represents an outdoor worker of the lowest class. Of course this is in stark contrast to the west where tanned is generally preferred and everyone wants a spray tan or sun bed to get that darker look. I for one much prefer the darker girls in Asia, there are quite a few Michael Jackson lookalikes strutting around SEA these days which kinda gives me the creeps.

One particular girl i was with for a few days in the beach resort of Ao Nang in Thailand reeled back in horror when i suggested going to the beach and sunbathing. It’s pretty funny when you hit the beach here, not a local to be seen but plenty of Europeans and Russians getting lobster pink.

I suppose it’s always what you haven’t got in life.


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