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Hey guys. Haven’t blogged for a while as have been sorting some stuff out and traveling around a little, but it’s good to be back!

I recently took a 3 week jaunt to Thailand as it’s been a few years since i’ve been there and the place holds a special place in my heart-it was my introduction to SEA after all many years ago and was a big influence in my decision to move to Vietnam.

It’s been an interesting few weeks.

thai girls

I started off in Bangkok as i have some friends there and was craving some decent Western food after spending too long in the country side in Vietnam. I booked an Airbnb place for a few nights for around $20 then decided to stay at my friends place for a few more days.

Airbnb is huge in Bangkok.

There are 100’s of nice condos on there to rent with a pool and gym for around $25 a night and i recommend you do this when first arriving there. I booked a place in the Thong Lo area which was nice. It was private enough and the security guy had no issues with me brining back a few dates.

air bnb thailand
My Airbnb room. Comfortable.

I pipelined on Thaicupid before i arrived and set up two dates for the first two days. I could’ve set up a lot more as i had a great response from Thaicupid, even better then i get from Vietnamcupid although this too is a great site.

My first date seemed like a normal working girl.

She told me she had a job in a bank but her excellent English and constantly vibrating phone made me a little suspicious. We checked out a Japanese place in the surprisingly expensive Thong Lo area and all went well. I know the last BTS train was at midnight, and as this time approached i could see she had no intention of leaving. I knew that if she stayed out past 12 i’d be able to seal the deal as taxis are a little expensive and she lived far away.

Midnight rapidly came and went and i wanted to make a move, i told her we were leaving and we’d chill out at my place and get an early night…She agreed.

We walked the 8 minutes or so back to my place in the sweltering Bangkok heat before crashing into my apartment. I immediately put the shower on and told her i’d be a few minutes…

Word of warning-I’d locked all my valuables away in my room safe before i went out just in case. I never leave anything loose in the room when i bring strange girls back-i’ve had plenty of friends who’ve had things ‘go missing’ during the night so i always lock stuff away either in my case or the room safe.

I came out of the shower with just a towel on to discover my Thai girl already in bed with my T-shirt on. I thought for a moment that this was going too well and that i would be hit up for payment at any moment-but then thought fuck it and got into bed anyway..

sexy thai girls

The rest is history shall we say. A good first night in Bangkok, and a good start to the trip.

After Bangkok i headed down to the beach town of Hua Hin which is about a 3.5 hour drive from Bangkok. I was looking for something a little quieter but what i found was not what i was expecting…..


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