Best Dating Spots in Ho Chi Minh City

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Ho Chi Minh is a crazy, sweaty place but every time i leave i miss it.

One of the best things about this city, and indeed Vietnam are in my opinion the girls. When looking for the best dating spots in Ho Chi Minh City there is a huge amount of options on where to go on that all important first date.

ho chi minh city dating

As I’ve been in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) for some time now I wanted to put together a brief list of some of the best spots to hit up with your new date as it can be a little difficult finding a good spot especially at short notice.

I never usually advocate a dinner date on a first meeting.

Why would you want to invest in a meal when you hardly know the person? I also find that dinner dates can be a little awkward at times.

It’s much better to chill over a coffee or drink. I find a coffee works well with most Vietnamese girls (although she’ll probably order something iced, ridiculously sweet with green cream in it…gotta love those quirky local girls 🙂 )

Saigon Coffee Shops

If there’s one thing Saigon is famous for is its coffee culture.

Vietnam is one of the world largest exporters of coffee-the locals love it and when you see the way they drive here i sometimes think they must be on their 20th cup of the day. Vietnamese like it black and strong, almost like some sort of potent tar that contains enough caffeine to keep the average man up for days.

I think a coffee shop is the is the best option when dating in Ho Chi Minh City, hit up a decent coffee shop for an hour or two and see how you get on. The expense is minimal and there’s some really cool places, my top 3 i’ve listed below.

So you’ve been busy on Vietnam Cupid and Tinder and have a few hot dates lined up in Saigon, so where do you go…?

Here’s my best Ho Chi Minh City dating spots to go for coffee:

Hi End Café, District 1. 217 Nguyen Van Thu, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

best dating spots ho chi minh city
Nice sounds…

This place is so cool. Tucked away in a side street very close to Pham Ngu Lao in D1 this is one of my favourite coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh.

It is littered inside with vintage audio equipment and they play down-tempo classic acoustic and mellow vocal tracks through a high-end old style Hi-Fi system that sounds awesome.

It’s quite a dark venue and the place feels intimate, it’s comfortable and not too loud. I highly recommend this place as a dating spot in Saigon. Every girl I’ve taken here has really liked the place and it’s always left a good impression.

La Rotonde 77b, Ham Nghi, District 1, Saigon

If you’re looking for something a little classier but still very close to District 1 in the centre, then La Rotonde on Ham Nghi really fits the bill.

best dating spots ho chi minh city

It’s located on the first floor just off the main street, has a classy feel with unobtrusive waitresses and reasonable prices. It can get a bit crowded at times and has more of an energetic buzz when compared to places such as High End café, but definitely a cool joint none the less. Highly recommended.

Blanchy’s Tash 95 Hai Bà Trưng, Bến Nghé, Hồ Chí Minh 

This little gem is located on Hai Ba Trung near the river next to many of the up market hotels such as the Caravelle and Alagon. It’s a bar/restaurant/coffee shop that’s split over 3 floors. It’s not massive by any means but it serves it’s purpose well as a great place to hang out or to meet a date.

best dating spots ho chi minh city

Although one could argue that this is more of a bar than a coffee shop, it’s a great place to take a date if you like a more modern place that oozes sophistication and great service. The prices are a little steep, but the décor is cool and there’s the option of getting some quality food on the first floor or hanging out with a cocktail or a beer on the terrace bar on the upper level after dark.

All the above spots offer motorbike parking at or near the venue for around 10,000 VND.


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