Best Gyms in Saigon

best gyms in saigon


Saigon has a lot of good gyms dotted around the city but it’ll take you a while to find the best gyms here if you don’t know where to look.

Most of the higher end hotels have decent gyms in my experience but not that many carry a good selection of free weights. You’ll find a lot of California Fitness Gyms, or Viet selfie stations, around Saigon but i think they’re way overpriced with long contracts.

There’s loads of good, cheaper gyms around the city, with many having nice pools as well.

I put together a quick list of some of the best gyms in Saigon so you know where to go for your workout fix. If you’re looking for protein powder or supplements in Ho Chi Minh then click here. 

Star Fitness Saigon

One of the best gyms i found in Saigon was Star Fitness close to D1 in Binh Thanh District.

best gyms in saigon

They have a long term offer on for a free 3 day pass that’s still valid so i recommend you check them out if you’re looking for a nice modern workout environment. The gym has a really good weights room that’s complemented by a good selection of racks and machines. There’s a few studios for boxing and they have a lot of classes. There’s also a nice pool outside that was never busy (asians hate the sun..).

best gyms in saigon

Where: Binh Thanh District

Price: Negotiable but around $50 a month depending on contract length

Pool: Yes

Yet Kieu Gym & Pool Saigon

If you want a cheaper gym Yet Kieu Gym on the border with D1 and Binh Thanh District. This place is a bit of a sweat pit an opens at random times but it’s got everything you need including good free weights and an outdoor pool. It’s right on the main road, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai so it’s easy to find.

best gyms in saigon

Location: Border of D1/Binh Thanh

Price: Around $2 a visit. From $12 month. 

Pool: Yes

Phan Hy Gym Saigon

Another nice gym near to the centre but hidden away at the start of Binh Thanh is Phan Hy Health Club. It’s not really a health club but a nice modern gym. It’s on a side road called ‘me linh’ so it’s easy to miss, but definitely worth a visit. They also seem to open at all hours unlike a lot of the gyms here.

The gym has a good selection of free weights, racks and bars plus some cardio equipment. It’s a bit more modern than Yet Kieu so the prices are slightly higher.

best gym saigon

Where: Me Linh close to centre, Binh Thanh District. 

Pool: No

Price: $3 per visit or around $15 a month depending on length of contract

Machs Gym Saigon

If you find yourself on a short visit staying in the centre then Machs gym is a good spot for a workout. They have a nice selection of free weights and at $3 a session not too expensive.

best gyms in saigon

Where: District One

Pool: No

Price: $3 or around $15 per month

Yofi Gym District 7

If you’re down in the Phu My Hung area in District 7 then it’s worth checking out Yofi gym. There’s plenty of good gyms around this area including California Fitness and lots of smaller Viet style joints but i liked this place as it wasn’t too big and was always quiet.

They have a second gym with out door pool and tennis courts at the Sky Garden apartment block abut 5 mins walk away which you can use with your membership.

A good option if you’re a long term expat and in the Phu My Hung area.

best gyms saigon

Price: Monthly only negotiable but around $50

Pool: Yes

Tennis Courts: Yes

UFC Gym Saigon

If you’re an expat or visitor staying in Thao Dien, District 2 then there’s a very nice gym called ‘UFC Gym.’ As well as  hot Viet girls pretending to fight, you’ll also find one of the best equipped gyms in Saigon here with a sparring ring as well. I never enquired about the prices here but i would take a guess at around $35 a month+.

best gyms saigon

Where: Thao Dien, District 2

Price: Unclear but at least $35 month..

Pool: No

Extras: Very modern with sparring ring and western trainers

Saigon in general has some great gyms and this is just the tip of the ice berg in regards to what the city has to offer.

Recently there has been an influx of more westerns style ‘selfie’ gyms with expensive equipment etc but there’s still plenty of smaller places that have every thing you need.

Happy training 🙂


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