Best Western Food in HCM

best western food ho chi minh

Whether you’re a tourist or expat in Ho Chi Minh there comes a point in your stay in Vietnam when only a burger, pizza or fried breakfast will do.


Having lived in HCM for almost a year i like to think i’ve found the best spots for Western food in this crazy city.

Vietnam doesn’t really do Western food so well, but there are a few decent joints in HCM where you can find a reasonable dose of western grub at a fairly decent price.

Breakfast in HCM

Most of the better hotels in HCM have a go at doing Western breakfasts but not all are so great.

I’ve been served a single piece of shitty sweet white bread toast and an almost raw fried egg more times than i care to remember here. So unless im staying in a decent hotel i always skip the breakfast and get something outside.

western breakfast vietnam
This is as good as it gets for a Western breakfast in Vietnam in 90% of the places here..

I’ve tried the Intercontinental buffet breakfast and also the Caravelle hotel and both were good with a nice selection of breads and an omelette station. They’re not cheap though and you’re looking at around $30 for the breakfast buffet and a lot more for the lunch and dinner, worth it though for an occasional treat i feel as everything else here is so cheap.

Another place i recommend here for breakfast is Con Bo Map (Fat cow in Vietnamese) They seem to have a decent grasp on what a Western breakfast entails and avoid the sweet bread and shitty bacon that is difficult to avoid here.

Their full English can be had for around $12. Not cheap by Vietnamese standards but good value for what you’re getting.

Con Bo Map has a fairly central location in D1 and then another place down in D7.

In regards to breakfasts i’d stick to the better chain hotels or places like Con Bo Map as this is as good as it gets for breakfast in these parts.

Western Lunch and Dinner HCM

Things start looking up when you get to lunch and dinner time here and you’re craving some good old fashioned Western food.

There are a number of good places in HCM that serve decent Western food for lunch and dinner. The hotels are again a good bet as most of the better ones have a decent lunch and dinner buffet most days with a good spread of meats and seafoods.

Con Bo Map probably does one of the best burgers in town. Again not cheap but what you’re getting in quality and size would rival most of the good burger joints you would find in the West.

con bo map saigon
A whole lotta meat..

Pizza 4Ps does a good stone baked pizza.

They have a a place in the centre of Saigon in D1 and have just opened another in D7 further south and are definitely worth a shout if you’re craving a good pizza.

western food saigon

Although not strictly Western most foreigners i know love a curry and im no exception. I’ve tried quite a few curry joints in HCM but Babas is one of the better ones.

Babas kitchen on Bui Vien does a surprisingly good curry and they deliver to pretty much anywhere in the city for less than a dollar.

If you’re feeling a little healthier then The Elbow Room on Pasteur street does good Western style salads and steaks. They also do toasted sandwiches which taste pretty good.

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