Day Game, Night Game, Online Game. What’s better?

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There are three main types of playing field the modern day player may find himself diving into when on the hunt for women. Each area has its positive and negative aspects and I’d like to summarize these below with details from my experience and the experiences of my friends over the years.

Online Game

Perhaps the easiest option, dating online in the modern world just requires a computer/smartphone and internet connection and the world of online women becomes open for business.

Sure it can be a minefield, there are plenty of loonies and mingers out there however I find it a great tool for meeting girls, especially here in South East Asia. Options available include paid dating sites alongside unpaid sites such as Tinder and Badoo. I find all these sites decent in Asia for dating and hooking up with local girls, especially if you’re on the look out for a higher quality of woman (Tinder excluded here.)

Online dating is a great way for putting you in touch with hi-quality sexy local girls. I recommend sites such as Vietnam Cupid on my website because I find it just works well here. I’ve had great success on sites such as this and many of my friends here have found long-term partners here through going through sites such as these.

One of the main benefits of online dating online game is the convenience factor. You have access to literally thousands of local women and you can tailor your search to your specific wants, needs or requirements. Petite, good job with brown eyes-no problem 🙂

The key to your profile is to come across as attractive and cool but without giving away too much about yourself. Even in countries such as Vietnam where your chances of finding a quality, feminine woman are higher than the West, girls are still getting a lot of messages from wannabe suitors so you have to stand out. I would even go as far as recommending getting three or four professional photos taken that can also be used for resumes or any other type of activity that requires you to have a good set of professional photographs.

No matter what people say attraction is first and foremost derived from what we see before a word is spoken. You feel it or you don’t. It’s not a choice.

Look at the success of Tinder, currently taking the world by storm and popular in almost every country and relying solely on how you look in the first photo that pops up. Make sure you have a good profile picture, not too cheesy, not too many people in the background, no ‘pets’ just you looking good…

bad tinder pics
Yes, well…

Keep the profile writing short, to the point but with an air of mystery. Don’t give away too much info, always leave them wanting more..


Day Game

A lot of guys shy away from day game and understandably so. It takes guts to approach strangers in a daytime situation however this is an important skill to acquire especially if you’re looking for quality girls and perhaps even a long-term relationship.

Day game can be carried out anywhere. It’s not so difficult in the bigger cities of Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines where English is widely spoken however can be trickier when a language barrier presents itself.

This can be fun though.

By travelling 20 minutes or so outside of the bigger cities you will find much less Westerners and typically more traditional girls. Try walking around a shopping centre on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh for example and asking for a few numbers. You’re bound to come away with a smile on your face.

The key to day game is confidence.

Slightly cocky, lighthearted, and of course always funny. You want to keep the interaction brief with a view to getting the number as quickly as possible and moving on. Always leave them wanting more… I often find talking about the surroundings or perhaps asking for directions to a certain type of shop if you’re in or near a shopping mall is a good start, just to break the ice. Simply playing the ‘lost Westerner’ can work well. A brief interaction with the offer of a coffee meet-up another day to say thanks has worked for me before, of course keep it cocky by telling her she’s buying 😉

day game

I use day game in addition to my online and nighttime game whenever I’m in the mood. I’d say online game still trumps day game here in Asia due to the language barrier and shear convenience of just messaging girls online.

Night Game

Once you’ve got your day game sorted and your confidence is high, night game is a breeze.

There are many benefits of night game. Girls are typically more DTF (down to fuck) on a night out for many reasons (alcohol, acceptable environment, oops one night stand etc) Night game can take place anywhere of course. Coffee shops, bars, clubs, discos or just walking around beside the lake in your local city during the evening.

I find the higher end bars here in Ho Chi Minh city tend to attract more gold digger types than women of quality so always be careful. There are plenty of girls here looking for a Western man to bankroll their existence, but there’s also many more good quality women who will add value and pleasure to your life. Use your common sense and some basic dating guidelines and you’ll be ahead most of the guys out there who blunder blindly into a relationship with the first foreign girl they meet.

Whether they admit to it or not women go out looking for men to hook up with. If they are in a relationship they go out to flirt with men, be complemented by men and sometimes go home with an alpha on the sly. If your day games not up to par yet a few drinks always helps with oiling the engine to get you approaching with confidence and initiating conversation. This is the key, just making contact is 80% of what’s needed. Especially here in SEA where the girls are generally more open to foreign men and have much lower bitch shields.

The quality of night-time girls varies more than day game. You’ve got your club slut, bar skank and the occasional decent office girl on a once a year office party. The night is always a lottery but that’s what makes it interesting. 🙂

I’d say day online-night-day game in that order for quality and variety, especially in places like Vietnam and Thailand.

Happy hunting and good luck 😉


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