Protein Powder in Vietnam

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If you like to train and hit the gym regularly but live in Vietnam, you might be wondering where’s the best place to get sports supplements such as protein powder. Luckily i’ve researched the market for you and found some of the best places to pick up sports supplements in Saigon and Da Nang, so look no further 🙂

Unfortunately due to a government ‘luxury tax’ anything considered luxurious (and this covers just about anything that’s not basic essential items) which includes things like gym supplements in Vietnam are expensive.

Expect to pay up to double what you would pay in your home country, especially if you’re from the UK or US.

This doesn’t mean that most things are not available though, you’ll just have to shell out more than you’re used to for that tub of Maximuscle 😉 I’ve just noticed the British MyProtein range being sold at a few stores is Saigon too. These are really decent products with no additives and are very popular in the UK & Europe.

The cheapest place i’ve found is this online site. They seem to stock most things you’ll need, and will deliver for a small cost or you can collect from a nearby outlet. It’s also convenient as you can pay with cash upon delivery, so you don’t need a local back card to buy anything.

In Ho Chi Minh city Medicare pharmacies and GNC stores stock a wide range of sports supplements but they tend to be slightly higher priced than Also the supermarkets such as Lottemart will stock a smaller range of supplements too.

Whenever i’m back in the UK i always stock up on protein and vitamins through Amazon.

Remember though that protein real food can be cheap here especially chicken and pork at less than $5 a kilogram, so i’d suggest using supplements more sparingly than you would at home, and stick to making your own meals wherever possible 🙂

Steroids in Vietnam

In contrast to Thailand Vietnam doesn’t have the availability and range of steroids that you’d typically see in a Thai pharmacy.

I have it from good authority that Sustanon 250mg and Deca 50mg can be bought in a lot of the pharmacies here, but ancillary drugs like clomid and arimidex are harder to come by.

As Vietnam grows though so does it’s peoples appetite for a good body. There are gyms everywhere in Ho Chi Minh and i do see some pretty ripped viet guys around more and more. If you’re into cycling gear though your best bet is probably getting it sent in from Thailand.


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