Best Gym in Vung Tau

best gym in vung tau

Vung Tau is a sleepy beach town around 90km south east of Ho Chi Minh city. I regularly visit there, often by boat to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big city and chill by the beach for a few days.

Like most places in Vietnam Vung Tau is a slow burner-that is on first impression you may not like it, but dig a little deeper and it begins to grow on you. When i visit here i still stick to my workout routine, so i’ve spent a bit of time going around checking out the different gyms there.

Quite near the sea front on Trung Trac road is Xuan Hoa fitness centre.

I initially stumbled upon this place by accident after meeting a girl from Vietnam Cupid in the Coffee House coffee shop opposite.

It’s located at 2 Trung Trac Sreet (google maps link above) on the second floor of the building. It’s a really great and expansive gym with two large free weights areas and multiple machines.

There’s a kettle bell and stretching area and an area reserved for punch bags.

best gym in vung tau

The gym was really quiet when i went there on a Tuesday morning apart from quite a few Vietnamese girls working out or running.

Pricing is really cheap at 30K (just over $1) per visit and monthly rates starting from 250k going down to 150k, a real bargain for a gym of this quality.

best gym in vung tau
Xuan Hoa gym prices

There’s even an area for ‘sexy dance’ upstairs which might be worth checking out…

best gym in vung tau

If you’re looking for a quick workout whilst on holiday or a more serious gym as an expat living in Vung Tau, this gym comes highly recommended.

best gym in vung tau


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