Should i go to Hua Hin, Thailand?

hua hin nightlife

Whilst recently in Thailand i spent a week at the beach town of Hua Hin around 3.5 hours drive away from the noise and heat of Bangkok.

Reaching Hua Hin is relatively simple however like most things in this part of the world not immediately obvious.

If you want to skip Bangkok altogether you can get a direct bus here form Suvarnbhumi airport that takes around 4 hours and costs 300 baht. There are private cabs that can be had for around 2000 baht that will drop you anywhere in Hua Hin, plus there is the public bus from the Southern bus terminal, Sai Tai Mai about 10km from Bangkok. 

There used to be a lot of crazy minibus guys that would take you from Victory Monument in the centre of town to Hua Hin clocktower, however these guys have now been moved to the southern bus terminal as well.


The bus terminal is a balls ache to reach and will take you about 50 mins from lower Sukhumvit (not rush hour) and cost about 300 baht in a cab. I hear there are public buses that run here, but i wasn’t in the mood for that in the May Bangkok heat.

I managed to get a decent bus from the southern terminal to Hua Hin centre at a cost of 200 baht. It didn’t stop along the way and i arrived in one piece which is always a bonus.

Hua Hin is a small beach town geared toward the older tourist and expat. It’s a bit like a much quieter Nha Trang in Vietnam, but with a lot more girlie bars. In fact this is the thing that surprised me the most about this place.

There are apparently over 150 bars here however on exploring the town during my visit i found most of these to be dead or peppered with the old 60+ European guy.

The town is fairly sleepy but the beach is decent and it’s a good place to chill out for a few days. I found myself getting a little bored however after a few days ad there is not a lot to do apart from visit the bars and go to the beach.

Things to do in Hua Hin

There’s a nice gym on Soi 88 called Pump Up Hua Hin Fitness that only costs 50 baht to use which is modern and well equipped. As far as gyms in Hua Hin go i think this is the best one after talking with some locals. The guy even made me a protein shake after my gym session, nice guy.

hua hin gyms
Hua Hin Gym Soi 88

I booked my condo for the week on airbnb and it proved a good choice. Reasonably central and quiet, the rock hard mattress took some getting used to though.

Nightlife In Hua Hin

hua hin nightlife
Walking street Hua Hin full of old ladies of the night

The main nightlife areas in Hua Hin are concentrated behind the Hilton Hotel in the centre of town around Soi Bintabart and Soi 80 just south of the centre.

I visited in April and the place was deserted.

Most of the bars were open though so there were plenty of girls around, i didn’t see many nice ones though but im used to Vietnam where i think some of the best looking girls in Asia are.

Again i was surprised to see the number of bars here as i was expecting a more laid back beach vibe scene. I had some fun though and i’d recommend Soi 80 just south of the centre. This street has around 30 or so bars in a row and i managed to take a decent-ish girl out for dinner after work from one of the joints here that resulted in a same night lay.

Again like my experience in Bangkok i was half expecting her to ask for some sort of payment. She was happy to just hang out for a day or two though although i’ve had a lot of messages kinda weird from her recently so she’s obviously playing the long game.


Happy Ending Massage in Hua Hin

Like the majority of massage joints in Thailand there is often room for negotiated ‘extras.’

The set price around town seems to be 300 baht for an oil massage with extras ranging from 300-1000 baht. I think due to the time of year and lack of customers  prices were fairly negotiable and it wasn’t too difficult to get a HJ for 300 baht.

Again the quality of the girls in the massage places was really bad and i really wasn’t too bothered about any extras on this trip.

It seems that the best girls go to the tourist islands of Samui and Phi Phi where they can command top dollar from the customers there. Especially due to the increasing amount of Asian tourists from places like Korea and China who will pay a lot.

This is also getting more common in Vietnam and i have met many a girl there who is being ‘kept’ by some Korean or Japanese guy who is there for work.

There was an attractive Viet girl in my last apartment block who i got talking to one day. After a long conversation it transpired that a married Korean guy who is there to work on the new Metro system was paying for the apartment, her ‘expenses’ etc just so he could bang her at a whim once or twice a week.

I think i found Vietnams most expensive hooker.

On the whole i enjoyed Hua Hin and think it’s definitely worth checking out for a long weekend break from Bangkok.

There are much better options if girls and nightlife are your main reasons for travel however and i’d skip Hua Hin and head to one of the islands instead if this is your aim.

Hua Hin Nightlife Videos



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