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I’ve written before about living in SEA and the challenges facing you if you decide to throw in the towel in the West and move to the land of sexy girls and cheaper living.


People often ask me what do you need to move to Vietnam for the first time and how much will it cost?


Well the first you need is a strong desire for adventure, an ability to roll with the punches and the desire to quit whatever you have at home and trade this in for an initial life of uncertainty.

You see it’s not all beautiful girls, cheap food and sunny skies (although there is a lot of this 😉 )

You will have to deal with pollution, crowding, lack of manners and heat and humidity that you may never have experienced before in your life…


…but wait, what about the good stuff…


For the majority of guys who come here, your sexual market value will increase dramatically. This is not just true for Vietnam but also for neighbouring countries also, as a fellow blogger and expat recently attested to.

This means you will have the option to date many more beautiful women than at home. Women who you will find to be feminine, caring and beautiful with a desire for family and to ‘look after’ their man.


So how do you go about making the move to Vietnam?


Once you have decided to move to Vietnam and have chosen your city, you’re going to need an initial buffer of cash to tide you over depending on your circumstances and plans.

You can easily live here on less than $1000 a month but as most people start off without a job and party quite a bit, I would say budget for at least $1500 a month for the first two months until you become more established.

I’d start with a few nights at a hotel in the centre or even Airbnb which will allow you some time to acclimatise to your surroundings and give you some breathing space to get yourself on the right track.

There are plenty of $13 dollar a night hotels in the centre of District 1 in areas like Bui Vien that will keep you close to the action on a budget. I’d try and limit my time here however. You don’t want to party too much and spend all you start up cash in a month. I’d also advise getting a place with some sort of cooking facility if you can as this will benefit you greatly in regards to keeping healthy and also keeping costs down.

English teaching work is readily available and well paid in many of the larger cities here.

If you were to arrive in Ho Chi Minh with a TEFL certificate then if you suited up and hit the streets, you would find some work within a week, two at the most even with little to no experience.

From there you can build up a base of students or jobs at language centres and work as much or as little as you want.

I have some friends who work 40 hours a week teaching and earn decent money and are able to save a lot.

Others chose to work around 12 hours and have a lot more free time to just do nothing or build side projects-even on hours this low it’s perfectly possible to live a reasonable lifestyle if you find some cheaper accommodation and don’t party too hard.


The secret is maintaining balance

I tend to live a more minimalist lifestyle spending money on experiences and not so much on material possessions. This kind of life fits in well with living here and allows you to streamline your spending toward the important things.

Come on over and find out 😉



    • You know it’s certainly on the cards… Been in nam a while now and perhaps it’s time for a change of scenery. The Phils seems perfect for a guy like me who loves the beaches and of course the ladies 🙂

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