Octave Bar Bangkok Review

octave bar bangkok

My friend came over to visit me whilst i was in Bangkok recently, and to celebrate the occasion we thought we’d head out to one of the many swanky rooftop bars that pepper the city for a few drinks.

Octave Bar is located at the top of the Marriott Hotel on Sukhumvit Road, prime real estate and easy to get to literally right on the door step of Thonglor BTS stop about 10 mins ride from the centre of town.

octave bar bangkok

This place is pretty awesome and i would definitely recommend a visit if you’re in Bangkok and are looking for somewhere really nice for a few drinks or some food. It’s a great place to take a date, or to just hang out with friends if you fancy something a bit better than the local expat bar.

The views are spectacular from the 48th floor especially at night. You can see right down Sukhumvit Road into the city and across toward the airport on the outskirts of town.

Drink prices are fairly reasonable considering the location; Baht 195 for a Heineken or Singha with a great selection of cocktails starting from around Baht 300.

The music is deep lounge which suits the surroundings, the service is good with prompt table service.

On the particular night i visited i witnessed the strange phenomenon of multiple Japanese business men accompanied by attractive Thai women! I found out later that Marriott seems to be a brand of choice for the Japanese however, who seem to come to Bangkok in droves with tons of cash to burn. The Japanese women i’ve seen in Bangkok have been beautiful, and i need to take a visit to the Nippon Empire as soon as funds and time allow.

I visited on a Sunday Evening and it was around a third full with a chilled out vibe. I can imagine that on a Friday and Saturday it gets packed and reservations would no doubt be required.

The only caveat about this place is the height; if you’re afraid of heights then you wont like this bar! At 48 floors up and with only glass for walls it’s a heady location and not for vertigo sufferers.

If you’re planning a night out on Sukhumvit Road i’d definitely give this place a shot.

Silom Road, Deco Bar

You never know what’s around the corner in life; especially when you frequent places such as Bangkok where anything routinely can and does happen!

I stayed at the Furama Hotel on Silom Road for a few days (not recommended for the price btw, much better options in the area) and one evening whilst out on the beer i stumbled across a small cafe bar located opposite the hotel called the Deco Bar.

It’s a family run place with really friendly owners, and my friend and i quickly got chatting to the manager who had just moved from California back to Bangkok after 25 years.

We soon began discussing music and i mentioned that i DJ’d and have produced my own music over the years back and straight away i was offered to jump on the decks and play a few tunes! Great fun.


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