Westernisation of Vietnamese Girls

Tinder app vietnam

I’ve written before about how Asia is changing rapidly and the affect this is having on its population, but after passing the two year point here in Vietnam it’s striking to see the rapid Westernisation of Asian women and the explosion of dating apps such as Tinder, Badoo and Vietnam Cupid here.

I write a lot about dating in Vietnam because it’s the main theme of this blog. Most people will ask you ‘why are you here?’ when they first meet you in Vietnam and I hear some funny answers from my colleagues at work or other foreigners I meet….

ermm it’s the weather, ye, I love the sun..’ (and rain and floods..)

‘Ye ah, for me it’s the slower pace of life..’ (try driving in Saigon, slow and relaxed are not words that spring to mind..)

You see the main reason guys are here is for the girls. 90% of guys are here for the women, whether they admit it or not. Any other reason comes a very distant second place…

Tinder app vietnam
My local Tinder treat..

There are handful of guys here that are kind of stuck here with a wife and kid that they don’t really want. I like to call these the ‘blue chair starers.’ You see them sitting on the blue plastic chairs outside some cheap beer place most of the time, staring into space wondering what happened to their lives. They are stuck with the wrong wife who barely speaks any English and a kid they don’t really want, not an ideal situation. You see many guys get blown away by the exotic beauty and charm of the local girls when arriving and settle down way too fast with the first girl they meet.


Every women should be screened like you would at home. Vietnamese girls can be very cunning and manipulative and you never know what you are getting until later on, so you must tread carefully as always.

Remember that Ngoc from Lush who says she’s a virgin and speaks great English but tells you she’s never dated a ‘foreigner’ before may not be being 100% honest with you… 😉  You have been warned.

There are many type’s of expat here but most have one thing in common-their love for the local girls. And that’s a good thing, Vietnamese women are some of the most beautiful in Asia if not the world, and there are a lot here of high quality that far surpass what you may find back home.

My mates and i call Tinder the ‘buffet’ and it’s possible to get a date from this app most nights of the week if you are so inclined. Again though use your head. These girls are often dating multiple guys and are very good at it. Not the best place to look for LTR or wife material-don’t become a blue chair starer!!!

The Vietnamese are very curious about trying new things and love movies. If anything Hollywood has damaged a lot of people here-with movies like Trainwreck and the like giving girls the impression that it’s ok to sleep with 100’s of guys and they can still find a nice guy at the end. It’s a real shame to see this attitude coming through and it most definitely is.

Let me share a story with you.

I don’t go out as much these days as I’m trying to be healthier and save some cash, but when I do it’s usually with some girl that I like or am planning to date etc.

I met someone through Facebook who seemed nice, ticked many of the boxes after screening and i thought we could hang out for a while. I took her to my favorite bar, quite a few expats here but a nice place, not like bui vien where it’s all pissed back packers and retarded locals looking to fight you.

After around an hour as the bar filled up with people she suddenly went a little red and said ‘I think should leave.’ The night was going well so I had no intention of doing so, so i pressed her for a reason.

It turned out that she had recently had a one-night stand with one of the guys who had just entered the bar and was embarrassed to be there. I was shocked-not only at her admission of this behaviour but also at the guy. She was very beautiful but the guy was definitely nothing special. It had been a Tinder style hook-up apparently. The guy obviously had game and had done well, but I was taken aback by this seemingly normal office chick hooking up with a random foreigner through a dating app-this is conservative Vietnam after all not New York or London.

Let’s just say my attraction for her took a nose dive, but I suppose I do admire her honesty, but am disappointed that she would behave in such a way. Is suppose the saying AWALT (all women are like that) has to be remembered at all times.

So where can you find the best women in Vietnam?

I’ve already covered dating here but still think that paid sites like Vietnam Cupid are the best if you’re looking for decent women.

Screen as you would any girl, but your chances of finding someone of better quality is greater on sites such as these.

If you’re after a hook up or nothing too serious then all the rest such as tinder, badoo, line etc come a very distant second place….

Have fun guys ☺



  1. hey bro. admire your site. also since ive been living in vietnam for over 1 year.
    this kind of behavior that u described is spot on..those are the girls that only go for koreans or westerners because they feel proud about that.
    did u ever get laid with a countryside girl? the thing is i really like hairy bushes and almost not able to go with a girl if shes shaven..doesnt attract me. hope this trend will not grow to much

    • Thanks man. You know i find most of the city girls i’ve been with are shaven or very ‘trimmed’ but i’ve come across the odd hairy bush for sure. In fact i got with a Vietjet hostess about 8 months ago who you’d think would keep things ‘in order’ down there but it was hairy as hell, like a fucking head of hair i kid you not! So just like most things in Vietnam you never know what you’re gonna get lol…

  2. you are right things are definitely changing in SEA and all around the world, we all just need to be glad we are getting a taste while we can, in 10 years who know what things will be like

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